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I wanted to thank you because after I changed my CV and Cover Letter according to your suggestions, I have been shortlisted for a position with UNHCR! – Valentina Caron, Italy

Just had a conversation with Malaika and wow she really takes this stuff seriously. If you are ready right now to find a job in your desired international field, give her a call. I’d set up weekly one-on-one consulting sessions with Malaika Neri immediately. – Costa Kokkinos, USA

She speaks with so much confidence and conviction and is great motivator; you begin to see things in a different light. I liked her attitude: driven, passionate and unapologetically confident –Margaret Thatcher type – I liked that a lot.  I would recommend anyone in international development to Malaika. She leaves you feeling like a brand new person. There is always something new to learn from her. – Nontokozo Aileen Ncube,

This was so helpful! Thanks for your advice Malaika, I appreciate the honest feedback and clear set of goals you’ve set before me! – Courtney Jallo, USA 

This blog is a a welcome departure from jargon-full articles in the sector. – Manish Parashar, India 

Perfect, excellent advice. – Jacinta Harford, Australia

Malaika’s approach was honest, pragmatic and straight to the point and I appreciated her candor in sharing personal stories to drive the point. It was also reassuring to understand what I could achieve or aspire to based on my past experience. – Jihan Mercier, Haiti

Thanks for the advice on Kiva. I am loving every moment of it. The travel, the learning, the partners I meet and my colleagues….my colleagues are just amazing as are the peeps they’ve introduced me to. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have such amazing people in my life and to get to build those relationships. – Karen Woodin, Mexico

Your advice is very helpful for students like me who are trying to better our CVs and personalities in order to land our preferred jobs. – Navneet Saini, India

Your help directed me, how to easily use Linked-in and be connected with people with whom i share the same field of study.
– Etienne Nens, Cameroon

Malaika’s coaching was excellent. I now have the confidence and knowledge to approach my goals ! – Karen Wickersham, USA