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If you're looking for information on starting a career in international development, I can recommend the following excellent websites as a great way to get started learning about how to make it happen for you:

Chris Blattman: https://chrisblattman.com/tag/development-jobs/

Alanna Shaikh: http://bloodandmilk.org/category/careers/

WhyDev: http://whydev.org.au/publications

This website is under construction and evolving into something slightly different, perhaps more exciting, and definitely fun with lots to soak up :)

What's coming up...

- A starting point for women looking to blend a global career and a fulfilling relationship

- Information and articles about career and relationship success (and why it IS possible)

And in the meanwhile,

If you identify as a woman and are between 29-43 years of age...

If you've become a manager or coordinator in your organisation...

If you are passionate about your work and want to continue to grow in your career...

If you ALSO want love, and a stable relationship, but so far, it's felt like you can't have both...

You're specially invited to my closed Facebook group - a private community of professional women from around the world.

I'll be sharing information and a roadmap for how you as a busy career woman - someone smart, ambitious, committed to your work and to contributing to the planet - can create a lovely life with a meaningful relationship, AND continue to travel abroad as much as you want and invest in your career and other areas of your life.

It's free, and 100% private (nothing published in the group will be published/shared further without your written permission).

International Women Managers Finding Love
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