3 Summer internships at the UN in Paris

3 Summer internships at the UN in Paris

There’s something very special about summer in Paris.

Or so people tell me, because apart from a couple of hot July days in 2010, I’ve never spent a summer in Paris.

But YOU can, with any one of these internships that are open right now, with tight deadlines.

If you are enrolled in a university programme of any kind – Bachelor’s, PhD, or anything in between (even if you aren’t currently taking classes), any one of these THREE internships are a fantastic opportunity for you to get a foot in the door, to work with a passionate team and see the inside of an international organisation in all of its bureacracy, and build the kinds of relationships that lead to a quiet conversation one day that starts with,

“How would you feel about working with us longer-term?”

Paris by Jasmine NgParis by Jasmine Ng









There are three internships open – and one of them is paid enough that you can live extremely frugally for a few months until you (hopefully) get a consultancy.

And yes, chances are extremely good that you will get offered a consultancy if you perform extremely well and speak basic French. Without both of these factors, you won’t be able to thrive at an international organisation in Paris, because excellence and language are extremely important to the French and to those who love them.

Most of all, because it’s summer right now, you’ll have hours of light in the evening to peek into the little bookshops in the 7th arrondissement (near the UN offices in the 15th), weekends to while away at any café of your choice in the 10th or the 9th or the 17th, Tuesdays for summer open-air concerts and Saturday mornings for fresh croissants from the bakery that’s literally down the road from your apartment, because nothing in Paris is very far. Plus, you’ll be there under the climate-change-attentive, foreigner-friendly policies of President Macron, and the perennial French reverence for good food, good working conditions, and a great quality of life.

Remember, you only want to apply if you are QUALIFIED and a NATURAL FIT for the role – meaning that your previous studies and/or experience (even if you don’t have much) are in line with what the unit is already working on, and the kinds of projects to which they are going to expect you to contribute.

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Beautiful Paris photos by Jasmine Ng, with kind permission.




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