3 steps to a job you’ll love


Last night, I go out to dinner with my friend Jerôme and his girlfriend. He proposes an Italian restaurant, in the most crowded part of the city.

“It’s super trendy right now,” he tells me, when we see each other.

I’m afraid it’ll be all pasta and pizza, standard fare at Italian restaurants outside Italy, but I keep quiet, trying to be open-minded. They’ll have options, I tell myself.

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How to get a job at an international NGO without any prior experience


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“I’m going to New York City for a conference,” Caroline* tells me, when we hung out last Saturday. “They’re flying me out there.”

“I would have never thought I’d be working here. I never imagined this was all possible,” she says, a huge smile on her face, eyes alit with happiness.

We met last year, through our friend Alison*. Caroline was sad that evening, distraught because she could not find a job doing the kind of work she dreamed of doing. At one point, she burst into tears: “I don’t have any experience in this field. I’m trying so hard to find something, just to get my foot in the door, but it’s been five months and I haven’t found anything yet!”

Happily, her situation did not last long.

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The only five websites you need to find a job in development

926162_1392325687718296_1780040244_nThis post was featured on WhyDev, which provides professional, educational, and support services to individuals, communities, and organisations committed to global development. 

During a summer internship at a microfinance in Madagascar, I realised that international development work is what I want to do. I loved the idea of being able to work in a number of different locations, for people who often can’t help themselves. But once I got home, I felt paralysed, not sure where to begin. The whole world of working in international development was fairly new to me, and I didn’t know where to start looking for jobs in the field.

At the microfinance at which I had my internship, in front of one of the bank depots in the region.

At the microfinance at which I had my internship, in front of one of the bank depots in the region.

The months that followed were filled with job-hunting, an internship that didn’t quit match what I want to do, and lots of Google searches. Of the 8,497 job listings available on my university jobs database, exactly five were at NGOs and international organisations. I scrolled and scrolled, feeling stuck. But as winter turned to spring, my browsing history became less scattered, and I found myself returning to the same five well-organised websites to look for new job postings.

Since that summer of blood orange sunsets, knowing where to look has become a lot easier. Because although there are hundreds of websites featuring NGO jobs around the world, only a select few are worth your perusal. Here’s a list of where I’ve found every job I’ve ever had:

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