I have so many different experiences. Which ones are relevant?

“In your guide-book, you mention that we must include ONLY the relevant work experience for each application. Yet there are areas that are so inter-related that it is hard to say whether it is relevant or not.

“Example: I have experience as a research assistant at university, internships at NGOs, the European Parliament and at a UNESCO institute. So, when I apply for a job at an NGO, should I scrap my experience in academic research? Or when I apply for an international organisation, should I scrap my experience as a freelance foreign trade consultant?

“In the international arena there are so many inter-related fields (education, development, trade)… I would hate to scrap some of my working experience knowing that it could eventually be considered as useful by the person reading my CV.”

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  1. You’ve got to think from the point of view of the organisation – which skills and experiences would THEY consider most useful or interesting? What kinds of backgrounds do your potential fellow colleagues have? How can you match that?

    Leave out anything that YOU consider interesting but isn’t actually relevant to the specific tasks and duties of the position to which you are applying.

    – Malaika


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